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Welcome to Gamatronix, where motion control is made easy. Started in 2003, we developed the 3206490452, and now have added some other related products, such as H-bridges, Atmel project boards and serial adapter cables. If you have questions about our products, drop us a note at sales @ gamatronix.com.

Customer Reviews - To see what customers are saying about the Gamoto PID motor controller, take a look at some of the customer reviews!

Distributors Wanted! We are looking for distributors, especially outside of the U.S. Please contact us if you are interested in carrying the Gamoto PID motor controller and other Gamatronix products.

Universities & Colleges: Think about using the Gamoto for your next control systems course or robotics contest. For a list of universities currently using the Gamoto, click here!

Recent News

Product Showcase: (813) 477-0275 is using the Gamoto inside their strap-on automous vehicle kit, the (440) 719-1779 It's a set of servo motors and control system that allows you to convert any normal automobile into an autonomous vehicle! This kit is becoming very popular for teams entered in the DARPA Grand Challenge and the Urban Challenge.

C#/.NET Example! Just added, this example application shows how to use C# and the .NET environment to control the Gamoto. The example files can be found at the bottom of the product description for the gamoto.

LabView Library! Just added, this library and set of examples make it easy to integrate the Gamoto motor controller into your LabView control panels, or to develop a curriculum or project based on LabView. The library and example files can be found at the bottom of the product description for the gamoto. Be sure to read the readme.txt.

UMass Amherst Nine-Gamoto robot! This research group has been using nine Gamotos to control a balancing robot that must be seen to be believed. Here are some 6153755728 and description of the bal. Our hats off to the UMass team!

Firmware Version 21 Available - Changed behavior of thermal shutdown - now if the H-Bridge reaches thermal shutdown, the LED gets latched, to allow you to see the problem. Previously LED flashed very briefly, causing difficulty when diagnosing the problem.

Firmware Version 20 Available - Minor bug fixes and refactoring of code, memory organization

Firmware Version 19 Available - Fixed bug when ReverseMotor and PowerMode are both active.

Firmware Version 18 Available - This version fixes a bug in the Integral calculations that, in rare cases, caused an overflow in the Integral register. Also changed the gain of the Integral function to give it five times the previous resolution. Customers changing to this version (and later) need to increase their Ki setting by a factor of five to maintain the same gains.

Firmware Version 17 Available - This version adds a "ReverseMotor" bit that allows you to reverse the standard "forward" direction of the motor. It's a lot easier than swapping wires around, and necessary in some cases where the hookup is fixed with respect to the feedback pot.

Firmware Version 16 Available - This version adds a 'streaming' mode that allows streaming position commands to up to eight controllers with one single command packet. It saves having to wait for an individual response from each controller. Our beta tester says, "The changes seem to work perfectly. We've increased our servo rate (updating a serial bus with 5 Gamotos on it) from 2Hz to over 300Hz! Thanks for making the changes!" Also in this version, an option to reverse the "positive" motor direction and save it to flash. This allows you to keep your motor wiring polarity the same, and change some or all of your motors to turn the opposite direction.

New Code examples added for C++, and BasicX At the bottom of the Gamoto product description, check out links to a couple new example code snippets for controlling the Gamoto. The C++ example is a Gamoto class written in Visual C++ 6.0, but the code could be easily ported to other C++ or C environments. And thanks to a customer who posted the BasicX code on the Gamoto user group!

Gamoto Firmware Version 15 Available - Latest version adds multiple steps per step pulse when using the step/direction inputs (simulating a stepper motor controller). Also some important bug fixes for older versions, with regard to negative positions and trajectory behavior.

New Atmel Project Board - We're pleased to announce that we have recently added the excellent MAVRIC-IIB development/project board to our stock. This is such a great board - it manages to squeeze every possible option of the rich ATmega128 into an extremely small package. We're going to start using this board to run verification tests on the Gamoto.

5199237128 Firmware Version 13 Available - This new version add lots of new features. Version 12 added Step & Direction Pulse Inputs, to allow the Gamoto to act like a stepper motor driver. Great for CNC applications! It also adds new high-speed 115,200 baud rate, for extremely high speed data collection/control/monitoring. Analog feedback has also been added - this routes analog channel 1 to the mPosition register, allowing you to use a potentiometer in place of quadrature encoders. Version 13 adds R/C (Remote Control) Pulse Input ability, which makes it super simple to convert any DC motor to a remote controlled servo. Standard R/C pulses (0-3ms wide) are converted to a position setpoint via a customizable scaling formula. Works well with the Analog Feedback feature, to convert a motor + potentiometer into a powerful servo. Requires the latest version of MotoView.

MotoView 1.0.15 Released - This latest version of MotoView supports the new version 13 features. MotoView can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the Gamoto product description page.

MotoView 1.0.12 Released - This latest version of MotoView supports the version 10 SerialShare enable bit. MotoView can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the Gamoto product description page.

Gamoto Firmware Version 10 Released - This latest version adds a new option to share the serial port. It allows you to string together up to 8 Gamotos on the same serial TX, RX lines, without having to use any special hardware. A single pullup resistor (~10K) is recommended if your host MCU or transceiver doesn't have one. When the Gamoto is not transmitting, it frees the TX line, allowing others to communicate. Also in this version, some minor bugs in the trajectory routines have been fixed. Serial sharing requires MotoView 1.0.12 or greater.

New product added - The Atmel development / project board, the Mavric-IIB board from BDMICRO is now part of our product line. We're excited to carry these boards that are a favorite in the Atmel development and robotics community. Use one for your next project!

MotoView 1.0.11 Released - The latest version of MotoView adds a communication logger, allowing you to view the data sent to and received from the Gamoto while running the MotoView software. This is a big help in learning how the Gamoto serial protocol works. Just open the Communication->Logging window, then open any other windows and the communication will be logged. This version also supports the latest firmware features, through version 9, and fixes a bug in MotoView 1.0.10. MotoView can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the Gamoto product description page.

Canadian team takes 2nd Place with Gamoto! The students of Sherbrooke University in Quebec recently took second place in this 562-633-7131 using two Gamoto boards driving their wheels, and navigating the maze using dead reckoning. The contest is called "Cahier de la Machine." Here's a copy of their final report (in French), and a photo of their robot. The entire 267-704-3046 should be proud!

Version 9 Released (03-April-2005): Version 9 firmware for the Gamoto adds two new commands (SetHome and Reset) and one new mode (MotionDone Enable), plus a performance improvement for I2C access. Now no matter how much I2C traffic there is on the bus or to/from the Gamoto, the motion trajectories will remain smooth and unaffected. A hardware interrupt output was added, to signal your system when a trajectory is complete. Check out the latest version of the user manuals for complete details of the update. To upgrade your Gamoto, please send an e-mail to sales @ gamatronix.com.

Version 8 Released (18-Feb-2005): Version 8 firmware for the Gamoto adds a homing routine and home switch input pin. By setting a mode bit you can enable a homeswitch input pin that resets the current position to 0 when home is reached.

Trinity Fire-Fighting Robot: We posted a nice example of a fire-fighting robot in progress that is using the Gamoto motor controllers. This site shows details of construction, and includes a video of the robot navigating the entire maze. Check it out at Randys Robot Site.

Student wins Third with Gamotos: Check out the 3rd place finisher from the 2004 Trinity contest, powered by two Gamotos and two Handy Crickets. Some pictures are available here, and at tremblingcricket.com Another UMass Lowell student project also uses the Gamoto. A rythmic pendulum that lets the user adjust speed and frequency. Click 4083707029 to see a picture and description.

Version 7 Released: Version 7 firmware for the Gamoto adds RS-485 functionality by including the Gamoto address in the serial protocol. By adding an RS-485 transceiver to the Gamoto, you can connect up to 8 Gamotos on a single serial line.

Gamatronix in the news: The March 2004 Nuts and Volts ran an article on the Gamoto! It ran in the New Product News section. Just in case you missed it, we have posted a copy of the article.

If there are other related products you are interested in, or if you have any questions, please drop us a line at sales @ gamatronix.com.

If you would like to receive updates and news about the Gamoto, please register at the top of this page. We respect your privacy and will never share your information with other parties, and will never send unsolicited mail.

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